Angel Mala Chakras

The chakras symbolize physical, emotional, and spiritual growth. If these chakras are in balance, we experience good body function.

The Integration

I have developed a system that is integrative. I will be using the behavioral and developmental life cycle model, vast experience regarding our physical and emotional interconnections and natural/holistic health methods. With a psychological, bio-chemical, mind and connection, I will work with you in a short and effective way to become aware of what may be blocked and cut the cords that may be preventing you from finding your creative spirits and causing you physical distress. This method may also help you achieve better health through awareness and a wonderful stress management technique.

It is a wonderful Mindful Meditation as well.

The use of stones/crystals and meditation beads serve as reminders of what you are working towards in your life and make mediation very specific  and personalized to your overall wellbeing.